Invoicing and terms of payment

Our fees are basically determined on the basis of the scope of the assignment, i.e. the time spent on it. However, the fees also reflect the nature of the assignment, the level of specialist knowledge required, and the responsibility associated with the assignment, as well as the complexity of the assignment and whether the assignment has necessitated work under substantial time pressure; also, the interest that the assignment represents for the client and the result obtained are taken into account. Our fees are subject to VAT, unless special exceptions apply in pursuance of applicable legislation. The client is free at all times to ask for a statement of fees as they stand.

When an assignment is commenced, information may be given upon request regarding elements in the expected assistance, together with a reasoned fee estimate or an indication of the method of fee calculation. If the client is a private individual, such information will be given without any request being made by the client.

In addition to fees, costs and outlays in relation to the assignment will be charged separately. These include legal charges, land registration charges, as well as other charges, travel expenses as well as copying and dispatch costs in case of major assignments.

Our terms of payment are 14 days net from date of invoice; our fee is subject to VAT in accordance with applicable rules. If payment is delayed, interest will be charged in pursuance of the Danish Interest Act.

Prepayment may be charged for outlays and other costs; in addition, we reserve the right to request prepayment of fees or a deposit for fees. Prepaid amounts will be entered into an escrow account and handled as client funds.

Client funds will be administered in accordance with the rules laid down by the Danish Bar and Law Society and will be placed in escrow accounts with recognised banks. Accrued interest is paid to the client in accordance with the rules laid down by the Danish Bar and Law Society.