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Since we are already involved in motorsports as sponsors and active participants, we have a dedicated section dealing with legal matters in motorsports.

The section is managed by Niels Borum, Attorney, who is a partner in Lexsos Advokater. Niels is a dedicated motorsports participant himself, having taken part for a number of years in long-distance races at home and abroad, including the Danish Endurance Championship, the 12-hour race in Hungary (12H Hungary), the 24H Dubai race, VLN series at Nürburgring (4- and 6-hour races) and the biggest endurance race in the world, 24H Nürburgring.

Furthermore, we sponsor several teams, including rally and long-distance.

We offer legal and commercial services to those involved in motorsports – participants, associations, clubs, sponsors, suppliers, etc. The framework surrounding motorsports in Denmark is getting ever more commercialised and complex and increasingly higher amounts are involved whenever contracts and agreements are concluded, no matter if we are talking  Automobile Sports, Motocross, Road Racing or Speedway.

We offer those involved in motorsports targeted consulting services, covering all legal aspects of motorsports.

In the column to the right, you can read more about some of the areas in motorsports that are covered by our services (In Danish). You will also find more information about sponsor contracts, promoter agreements, driver’s agreements, appeal cases under the remit of DASU, DMU, DIF and FIA, the build-up of a team, business associates, and many other information points.

Since we are co-owners of European Law Firm, an association of law firms in Europe, we are also able to assist you with agreements, etc., that involve foreign contract parties. Read more about European Law Firm here. Finally, we must add that we are a full-service law firm; if you want to know more about all the other services we are able to offer you, please click here to view our other fields of work.

Our consulting services are based on our general business terms, which you can read here. If you have any other queries regarding motorsports or anything else we might be able to assist you with, please contact Niels Borum at or mobile + 45 40734054.