How we cooperate with our clients

Lexsos Advokater is covered by existing legislation on the running of law firms, including the rules of the Danish Administration of Justice Act on lawyers, the rules of the Danish Bar and Law Society for good lawyer practice and lawyer ethics, as well as the Act on Money Laundering, etc. The rules are available on the website of the Danish Bar and Law Society at

The client has the right to use all written material prepared in a case, but Lexsos Advokater maintains copyright and all other intellectual property rights in the material.

We endeavour to keep our client fully informed of the progress of a case. Ongoing information will be given about the progress of the case in the form of copies of correspondence, etc. During the case, original vouchers and exhibits will be stored and copied as and when required. When the case is closed, all original material is returned to the client, while other documents in the case are filed for a minimum of five years.

The work on a case continues until the case can be deemed to have been finalised, unless in the meantime the client has asked that the work be discontinued, or if the invoice payment deadline has been exceeded and payment has not been made within a specified period after the client has been informed that the work is about to be stopped, or if the client becomes insolvent, or it is deemed to be in the client’s best interest to discontinue the work.