M & A

Our lawyers advise you on all aspects of acquiring and divesting companies. If you are about to buy or sell a company, we can help you achieve the best agreement – financially, but also in such a way that subsequent lack of clarity of the agreement can be avoided.

We are always interested in creating added value for our clients. It is thus important to know the market for the company to be bought or sold. This will ensure that our clients achieved the best possible price.

One important element in the buying and selling of companies is correct valuation of the company to be traded. Our lawyers know how to make such a correct valuation. Correct valuation results in the right price and ensures that subsequent disputes over the valuation do not arise.

When the agreement on purchase or sale of the company is written, it is important to know applicable rules and practices. An unclear agreement is not in the interest of either party, since it can create uncertainty in a period of transition for the company. We can help you write a correct agreement.

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