Purchase and sale of business property

Lexsos Advokater offers consulting on relevant legal aspects of buying and selling real property. No matter if the property is an office building, a factory plant or a warehouse, the transfer involves a number of aspects that require legal attention.

When a business property is to be bought or sold, it is important to have a smooth negotiating process and to take quick action – without compromising on the quality of the consulting services offered. If action is not taken quickly, the transaction may be lost. Our lawyers will process your transaction quickly and ensure a good outcome.

We not only offer advice on the purchase and sale of real property, but also on related aspects, such as environmental aspects, construction work and building contracts, as well as rental and leasing agreements. We help ensure that ownership is optimized, since it is often necessary to look at the number of owners, as well as at the question of who is going to be the owner of the property and the tax-related consequences involved.

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