Marketing law

The Marketing Act sets minimum standards for the behaviour of companies on the market; the overall purpose of the Act is to ensure that businesses conduct themselves with good marketing ethics – towards consumers, but also towards other businesses. It is thus important for your company to know the rules or to seek advice, so as to ensure that your existing or new marketing activities comply with the law.

The concept of good marketing ethics is not specified in the Act; what it means, among other things, is that you have to be considerate in your marketing and that your marketing may not be misleading. This is thus a concept that is not clearly defined, so it changes in line with the standard of society at any given time. As a company, you thus need to be updated at all times to ensure you comply with applicable rules.

Furthermore, the Marketing Act has rules on how to state prices, as well as specifying that your marketing may not be a nuisance or be disrespectful; the Act also specifies how marketing towards children and adolescents may be done. Violation of the rules of the Marketing Act may result in a penal sanction and in having to pay compensation.

Lexsos Advokater offers your consulting services with regard to all aspects of marketing law, so we can help you and your company obtain an overview of the rules. We are also able to advice your company on compliance with the rules in regard to specific marketing activities.

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