Lease law

As a business, you often have to lease premises for your company or to rent out to others. In this connection, it is important to write a lease agreement that takes the needs of the lessor and the lessee into account and is in accordance with applicable rules in this field

The Business Lease Act is an Act based on a high degree of freedom to make agreements; consequently, both the lessor and the lessee need to be ”alert”, when a business lease contract is to be negotiated. Lexsos Advokater offers consulting in connection with the preparation of business lease contracts and assists lessees and lessors when contracts are to be signed. Get in touch with us if you need legal assistance in connection with the conclusion of a business lease agreement.

In addition, Lexsos Advokater offers you consulting in regard to general business lease matters, including the rules on rent increases, renegotiation of lease contracts and lease law aspects related to the transfer of companies and real property. We also advice on tenancy law matters in regard to dwellings.

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