Intellectual property law; competition law

Intellectual property rights provide legal protection of intellectual products, such as pictures, inventions, designs, trade names, etc. Intellectual property law is thus intended to protect a broad range of intellectual property rights against infringement.

In today’s society, it has become easy to copy other people’s inventions, brands, designs, etc., and use them. If you have not protected your intellectual property rights, others may in some cases be able to benefit from something you have often spent a lot of time and money developing, and the “infringer” suffers no consequences. It is thus important for all companies to be aware of intellectual property right rules and to have their trade mark, etc., registered, so as to protect against infringement from others.

Intellectual property law is closely linked to competition law. Competition law comprises such areas as the rules on unfair competition and thus protection against a competitor’s harmful use of your trademarks, etc. In addition, competition law deals with bans on competition-restricting agreements, verification processes in major mergers, as well as a ban on abuse of one’s dominant position, etc.

Lexsos Advokater offers consulting in regard to all aspects of intellectual property law, including:

  • Copyright
  • Design law
  • Trademark law
  • Utility models
  • Patent law

We will be able to assist you with registering of intellectual property rights and with agreements to be concluded on intellectual property rights if a company is to be transferred to an acquirer, etc.

In addition, we offer consulting on competition law matters, such as agreements on mergers as well as business transaction agreements and distribution agreements.

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