Insolvency and restructuring

All companies run the risk of landing in financial difficulties. In the worst case, the company becomes insolvent and is declared bankrupt.

However, it does not necessarily have to end that way. If you company has financial difficulties, it is important to take action immediately; the quicker you as a company owner respond, the greater is the likelihood that the company can be restructured, so as to be viable in the future. Restructuring may be done in many different ways, e.g. by means of capital contributions from external sources or through a company transfer or a composition with the creditors.

If you do not respond quickly enough, there is a risk that bankruptcy will be the only solution.

Lexsos Advokater advises you on all aspects of insolvency and restructuring. We are able to assist you with concluding agreements on full or partial settlement arrangements with creditors of the company. If one of our lawyers becomes the administrator of a bankruptcy estate, the administrator helps finalise the bankruptcy estate in the best possible way. We also advise the creditors of debtors that would seem to be insolvent and help assess the insolvency and the best way going forward in the individual case.

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