Generation change

When a company is facing a generation change, many aspects have to be taken into consideration. It is important to find the right balance between the family that exits or enters and the company that is the subject of the generation change. Planning and preparation are thus important – contact us well ahead, so that we may assist you.

If it is time for a new generation to take over, consider the situation you wish to achieve for the family when exiting. The benefits going to those that are exiting the company must be considered. However, it is also important to bear in mind that the company also needs to have enough liquidity to carry on its business going forward. Both sides must thus be taken into consideration.

It may also be important to consider which influence the exiting family is to have. Disagreements may occur if there are no clear lines among the different family members.

If a generation change has been properly planned, the most favourable situation for the company can be achieved. The complex Danish company tax and inheritance tax rules may make it difficult to understand the opportunities that exist for your company. We are experts in these rules, and when we get to know your company, we can prepare the best strategy.

Lexsos Advokater is able to advise your company to reach the most optimal situation. This applies to the financial aspects, but to the family aspects as well. We can help you develop a long-term strategy tailored to the company and the family.

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