Establishing a company, at home and abroad

When you choose to establish your own company, a great many aspects must be taken into consideration, including many legal aspects. For example, it has to be decided whether the business is to be operated as a company or as a sole proprietorship. Some of the aspects that will decide this choice have to do with the need for capital as well as the risk of operating the enterprise.

Lexsos Advokater assists you with all legal aspects of establishing an enterprise. These consulting services comprise the choice of the most appropriate type of business organisation as well as the possibility of a group structure. We also assist you with writing all the necessary company documents, including articles of association, owners’ agreements and partnership contracts.

Lexsos Advokater also assists Danish companies with establishing a presence abroad. As an exclusive member of the European federation of law firms, European Law Firm (ELF), we can quickly put you in touch with local lawyers all over Europe. These will be able to advice you on local company rules and other legal challenges in the country concerned.

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