Construction law

Construction law is one of the areas where the text of the parties’ agreement plays a crucial role to the legal position in a given case. Consequently, it may be a very good idea to bring in the assistance of a lawyer when such an agreement is to be written.

When construction projects, big or small, are to be carried out, clear agreements are required, so as to make the obligations and rights of the parties explicitly clear. It is thus essential that, as an owner or a contractor, you conclude a precise, written contract on the works to be performed, thereby ensuring that conflicts will stay at a minimum and that the handling of such conflicts, if they occur, is clear. In a worst case, a “bad” agreement may cost you dearly.

Lexsos Advokater offers consulting in regard to all aspects of building contract law. If, as an owner or a contractor, you are about to embark on a construction project, you are advised to contact Lexsos Advokater for legal assistance before concluding the contract. This will ensure that the contractual basis is clear and that subsequent disputes can be prevented. If a dispute has already arisen, we are naturally prepared to help you handle the conflict in such a way that your interests are protected as well as possible.

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