Agreements and contracts

Agreements and contracts epitomize much of what our competencies are. For example, building contract law and employment law also belong under agreements and contracts. If there is a dispute over an agreement or a contract, we can assist you with all aspects of agreements and contracts.

The conclusion of agreements and contracts is an important part of business, and compliance with agreements made is equally important. When concluding an agreement or a contract, it is important not to be obliged to do any more than what your company wants. Unclear agreements and contracts allow room for interpretation – which is not a situation to wish for.

Subsequent compliance with the agreement or contract is also important, so as to keep both parties pleased. If less than agreed is delivered or if a product does not meet expectations, arbitration or an expensive lawsuit may follow.

We can help you with all aspects of agreements and contracts: conclusion, interpretation and, if required, subsequent solving of disputes.

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